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My latest YYH fanart
Crazy big violet eyes
darkfox wrote in kissed_roses
I bring you my latest YYH fanart!

It's part of a two part commission for a friend, but I actually am extremely
happy with how it turned out, so I thought that I would share. :3

Commission: Young Hiei

Click the picture to view the full image.

*hopes that you'll enjoy the picture* ♥

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Aww. Great job, he looks wonderful!

I'm just about to finish the YYH manga, actually. I think I only have one or two more volumes.

Aww, thank you. :D

BTW, I never did offer you a free commission (it was something I did last month, and I sent the offer message via cell phone. ^^;) So, if you'd like something, let me know. :3

I'll be cosplaying as Kurama this year at the con *first time ever cosplaying yay!* YYH is something I can read/watch over and over again. ^_^

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Ooh really? Awesome, lemme think on it! And yeah, that'd be a problem. I have never owned one of those "cell phones" you speak of XD

Yay! That's super awesome! Have you read Hunter x Hunter? (It's by the same person if you aren't familiar with it.) For as much as I'm enjoying YuYu Hakusho I am just in love with that manga. It's so good!

I've read the first five volumes of Hunter x Hunter, it is pretty good. =]

Togashi is just such an odd ball. XD Has he tried to put some Sailor Moon reference in Hunter x Hunter too? (I know he did in YYH with Kurama acting like Tuxedo Mask and such. lol. X3)

Yeah, I'm 18 volumes in and have to say it got a /lot/ better after the first five or six. You stopped right before he introduced the whole premise of the series :D

And yes indeed. Although he hasn't directly, he talks about her a lot in the side-bars and even once did a gorgeous drawing of Sailor Moon in his art style. Since then he's done lots of other characters on the extra pages, such as Naruto and a character from Death Note.

I think that I stopped reading after the library stopped allowing to choose the time you wanted the books to arrive when your reserve them online. ^^;

(I don't know if you've noticed that or if it's even happened to you but I haven't been able to choose the "arrive by" date in a long while.)

.-. I never really got into Naruto or Death Note.. or Bleach. Though I'm sure that Togashi has made the characters look amazing on the extra pages. =3

I got my friend Natasha to dress up as Keiko for the con. ^_^ It was a back up in case we couldn't pull off making the Vampire Knight uniform in time (or couldn't find all of the pieces we needed for it).

XD I think I started using the library after that feature was removed. I've never even heard about it.

Yeah, I never got into Naruto or Bleach (although I did enjoy the Death Note anime and LA movies) but his Naruto was incredibly awesome looking. I think if Naruto had his artwork I might've read it anyway.

That's totally awesome! =3 I'm reusing my Sakuracon costume (Neko-Hayate from Hayate No Gotoku).

Oh! That'll be cute. =3

I really want to go to Sakuracon this year... I'm having a real terrible time trying to come up with the money to go though.. >_> I have about $200 as of right now for that trip, and I'm $500 short... *fail*

=3 Well thank you!

Heehee, well Cassandra and I are planning on going again as well... but $700?!? Why would it cost you that much? Are you planning on going by yourself and renting a car or something? If you split the hotel cost and take a bus, it should be like half that.

I got to pay for my own way, yeah.

It'd be cheaper if I can figure out if anyone would be going with me... I think that Natasha would, but, still, that doesn't cut down on the cost too much. .-.

Well, I think it's about $100 a night for a hotel room ($200 for two nights), $100 for food just to be safe, $300 for spending (to cover wants at the con, to get stuff for other people, blah blah blah) another $100 for gas.. It'd definitely be $700 if I stayed by myself.. and I'd be paying for gas because my mother said she'd drive me up there if I just payed for my own way in full so she isn't out any money.

I'm trying to set up a checking account and then fix my LJ shoppe to try and sell stuff that I have... like anime, manga, regular movies and books, cds, etc that I have around that are in good to excellent condition to try and get some money.. I'm also seeing if anyone would be willing to commission to help me out too (but that's not going too well.. .____________.)

Selling stuff and doing chores and trying to sell commissions are about the only way I am able to make cash at the moment.. I have no idea what my school schedule/free time will be like once college starts and I am having a terrible time finding a place that has job openings... *flails*

Well, I hate to say it but I have to pay for my way too and the difference between our spending budgets it about $450. If you are willing not to buy stuff you don't need and to skimp on everything else this would be much less expensive :D

Good luck on the fund raising though! I would suggest looking into getting an eBay account instead, I can't imagine you get as much traffic from an LJ shoppe? But I could be wrong, considering you get to keep all the profits that way, right?

And yeah. I plan on getting a job Second or Third semester but until then I'm jobless as well. ::nodnod::

I might end up selling the anime/movies to Suncoast, and seeing about selling the manga/books to Powells..

I was thinking about posting on craigslist since they don't want a percentage of the money earned (because every penny that I can get will help go towards this trip, lol) but I'm not sure if that would help much either. XD

I have to actually promote the LJ shoppe in order to get the traffic, unlike at ebay and craigslist, but *shrugs* putting the stuff out there regardless is better than nothing I suppose.

I'm honestly contemplating talking to my aunt's friend from Dark Horse comics.. though I'm afraid I don't have much to present in a portfolio except for some fanart and maybe a few pictures of a comic of my own that is in the works. But I guess talking can't hurt, I just wish that my aunt would work on replying to her emails a bit better. XD I might end up having to call, and we all know how much I love to speak on the phone. >__> *would rather email or text*

Acutally, I'm going to set up a checking account tomorrow, link that to my paypal, and list the stuff on ebay. I think that they only want like 8% of what your receive when someone buys something from you.

I won't get much of anything from Suncoast or Powell's.. *looked into it*

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