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Icons and some junk!
Love Bite
darkfox wrote in kissed_roses
I just read chapter 47 of VK, and the Aidou and Sayori interaction that Hino-sensei put in made me smile!

So I decided to fiddle around with some images.


Banners [of sorts]

Edited Images

*The images in this image were taken from chapter 47 and edited so they are in the form of lineart. Despite it being pitch-black in the thumbnail, it will be transparent when you download and save it.

*Chapter 47 scanned by sagakure, screencaps found on a google search.
*Images edited in Paint Shop Pro 9.0

If you use the icons or anything in this post, please credit kissed_roses, my LJ graphics journal. Thank you. :D

(X-posted to darkfox, vampire_knight, and aidou_yori.)