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Love Bite
darkfox wrote in kissed_roses
Icon dump!

It's been quite some time since I posted icons. So, here they are! :D

  • 4 --> Youko

  • 3 --> Kurama/Shuuichi

  • 2 --> Youko/Kurama/Shuuichi

  • 1 --> Youko/Kurama/Shuuichi & Botan

  • 2 --> Kuronue

  • 3 --> Misc: Vampire Knight

    Total: 15


    Bang Blurr The Thief Unashamed

    Kurama/Shuuichi Minamino

    Darkside of Me Faded Ivy Rose Whip Roses


    Dual Sides Space

    Youko/Kurama/Shuuichi & Botan



    Sparkle Boy Stars

    Misc: Vampire Knight;

    Hold Me Pureblooded Princess Falling

  • Comment if taking (please!)

  • Please credit kissed_roses if using (please, please, PLEASE!)

  • Do not hotlink

  • Credit for textures: ghost_factory, jadedgraphics, and sixtysixheavens

    (X-posted to vampire_knight and yyh_icons.)

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    Snatching KuraBo icon. Will credit, of course. Thanks! xD

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