Fanart: Yusuke
The cool-kid shades
Latest YYH fanart.

His Cheesy Grin by *legendary-kitsune on deviantART

Mazoku Yusuke... yeah. ^^; I did this without a reference.
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Fanart: Kurama - "A little vulnerable"
Demon Ciel

Note: He's barechested, I'm not sure if that counts as worksafe or not, but.. if you all don't like to see half-naked men, then.. don't view? There are some bonds too (just some ribbon like-stuff, on his wrists.)

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the picture. =D
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Kurama Drabble
Are you serious OMG
Reluctance with a touch of Trepidation
By: Kioku no Umi (darkfox)
Disclaimer: I don't own Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Genre: General/Drabble
Characters: Kurama
Pairings: None
Rating: K/General Audience
Summary: Just a Kurama drabble.

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Fanart: Kurama
Demon Ciel

Just dropping by my latest sketch. >3


Gee, I wonder why he is making such a face. XDDD

Click the picture thumbnail to see what has got the poor fox making such a face.

*hopes you'll enjoy the picture*

Fanart: Kaname Sketch
I've been in a mood to sketch lately, and then I got in a mood to attempt to draw Kaname, and well... I'll just say, I tried. XD


Perhaps a really bad, and epic failure-filled, attempt at drawing Kaname-sama.
*hopes that you all will like the pic and not kill me for how bad it looks*

I'm also offering free sketches (which I normal charge about $3+ for) to the first ten to comment on my latest journal entry. If you're interested, feel free to leave me a comment here.

YYH Poker Deck
Demon Ciel

*The scans of the cards are right to left, top to bottom.

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YYH Kumoricon
Demon Ciel

Well, there be the link to the YYh cosplay photos...

I don't know where on earth, or when, the YYH photo shoot photos from the first day of the Kumoricon will be posted, but the above link takes you to the photos of our own little cosplay shoot we had today. =]

Enjoy. <3.

(I am the Kurama, and my best friend is the Hiei and my other friend is Keiko.)


There were only maybe a few other YYH cosplayers at the Kumoricon this year... .___. I think that Portland's love for YYH quite frankly has been destroyed for the most part... *sigh* so sad...

YYH Cosplay Outfits
Demon Ciel
So I haven't actually been to the Kumoricon yet, considering the convention doesn't start until Saturday.

But I've finished my own cosplay (Kurama) and am helping (err, making! XD) my friend finish her Keiko cosplay.

Click for the YYH cosplay outfits!~Collapse )


My friend has two more outfits, I'm working on the second one... and I finished the third just about (but she has the other half so I can't take a picture. XD)

X-Posted to darkfox and yuyuhakusho

Fanart: Kurama (Sketch)
Demon Ciel
I've been avoiding allowing my art to be blogged/posted somewhere else on deviantart, so I can provide a link to my new Kurama sketch instead.

I'd appreciate comments via deviantart, but feel free to comment on this entry too if you don't have a deviantart account. =]

X-posted to yuyuhakusho and darkfox

My latest YYH fanart
Crazy big violet eyes
I bring you my latest YYH fanart!

It's part of a two part commission for a friend, but I actually am extremely
happy with how it turned out, so I thought that I would share. :3

Commission: Young Hiei

Click the picture to view the full image.

*hopes that you'll enjoy the picture* ♥


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