It's Puu!~ XD
Another brilliant idea

Puu Boy
by *legendary-kitsune on deviantART

Please click the link to view. :3

Yes, it's Puu and what I think he'd look like if he had a human form.

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Fanart: Yuuki
I am sitting

Kawaii Yuuki-chan
by ~legendary-kitsune on deviantART

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Thank you.
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Fanart: Yuuki Kuran
Yay Creeper

Young Yuuki Kuran
by ~legendary-kitsune on deviantART

It's just a sketchy outline. I was going to leave it the way it is, but, I might color it.

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Icons and some junk!
Love Bite
I just read chapter 47 of VK, and the Aidou and Sayori interaction that Hino-sensei put in made me smile!

So I decided to fiddle around with some images.

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He says all the right things at the right time
Love Bite
Icon dump!

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Yu Yu Hakusho Icon Dump
Almost Suicide
I do believe this is the first post that I've had. But, whatever. I come baring icons. So, please enjoy. :D

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Remember, if you take and use to credit kissed_roses.


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Gravitation Icon Dump
Demon Ciel
Alright! The first post that I have to offer is here!

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Comment if taking and or using any of the icons posted here, and if you take and or use any of these icons, proper credit is requested. ^_^ Thanks.

Kurama Icon Dump
Demon Ciel
Alright, it's Shu-chan again here with another batch of icons. :D


And yes, it's a batch of 15 Kurama icons.

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If you take and plan on using, be sure to credit kissed_roses.

Thanks. 8D


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