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Kurama Drabble
Are you serious OMG
darkfox wrote in kissed_roses
Reluctance with a touch of Trepidation
By: Kioku no Umi (darkfox)
Disclaimer: I don't own Yuu Yuu Hakusho
Genre: General/Drabble
Characters: Kurama
Pairings: None
Rating: K/General Audience
Summary: Just a Kurama drabble.

He never left anything behind.

Even though he wasn't one to open up and speak about his
mistakes, his momentary lapses of judgment, previous endeavors
Kurama never left anything behind. He never would, and
never will.

He didn't want to trouble anyone with his "petty" problems,
past or present.

Although, it was also a matter of he didn't want his
memories or emotions to be out in the open or "worn on his sleeve". He didn't
want to be seen as weak. He didn't want to be weakened.

So he kept to himself.

Even though, at times the pains of everything he kept to himself would all come crashing down on him [at once], he refused to speak up. He chose to drag around the weight of everything he kept bottled up.

Kurama would absolutely not open up.

He would push those memories, and his feelings, back in his
mind, and kept his cool and collective façade up on the outside.

And though he wouldn't dare to admit it...

He also has come to the startling conclusion...

That he was afraidto open up and speak to someone.




Kurama was afraid to "put everything out there on the table" so to speak.

He didn't want to get laughed at, he didn't want to get ignored, and he didn't want to scare anyone away who was 'close' to him. He didn't want to lose anything more than he already had.

So, afraid and stubborn, Kurama would continue to keep his memories and emotions to himself.

After all, it's one of the ways he's survived until now.


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